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The Return of the King

We’ve just had a fresh shipment of King Cages in from the USA.


If you’ve not heard of them, King Cage have been made in Colorado since 1991 by Ron Andrews. Ron has worked for some of the best frame builders in the cycling world including Ibis, Merlin and Yeti.


What makes King Cages so special ?

To put it in a nutshell King Cages are as tough as old boots and also very light – the titanium model weighs in at 28 grammes. If you’ve ever ridden over rough surfaces you’ll have noticed that one of the unexpected consequences of using some cages is that your water bottle ejects. With King Cage this rarely happens because you can bend the cage to make it a tighter fit. We’ve been using them on our cyclocross bikes and have yet to lose a bottle.

Lakeland Monster Miles 2013

There are three models of King Cage – the stainless, the Iris and the Titanium. Check them out here.