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Chesterfield to Lincoln

To the flatlands.

One of the most useless pieces of trivia about Chesterfield are that the hills to the edge of it are the highest point on that latitude to the west of the Urals in Russia. The other factoid is that, on a good clear day, you can see Lincoln cathedral’s towers from the top of them.

There also used to be a railway between Lincoln and Chesterfield. Back in the Victorian era there was an ambitious plan to build a railway from Lincolnshire to Lancashire. All was going well until they reached Chesterfield and realised that things were going to get both tricky and expensive to cross the Peak so the plan was abandoned. Part of this route follows this line across a disused railway viaduct over the Trent.

The route starts by Chesterfield railway station and follows the canal for a while. From here it goes up the Clowne Branch Line which is a fantastic newly created shared use path.

Then the route heads past Cresswell Crags and through the Welbeck and Clumber estates. Then it’s off towards the Fledborough viaduct and into Lincoln itself. The route finishes with a cobbled climb up to the cathedral door.

One of the great things about this route is that there is a station at both ends which makes the logistics of it a bit easier. It’s also slightly downhill !

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