C to Sea

It’s the strange things you missed during the Covid-19 lockdown. Mine was not plentiful supplies of pasta or toilet roll or the ability to go out for a beer but the sea.

Living in Chesterfield, we’re nearly as far away from the coast as you can get. On a good day it’s 90 minutes drive or around 5 hours by bike.

A few years ago I did the Dunwich Dynamo. A fantastic event that runs every July from London Fields in Hackney to the small hamlet of Dunwich. There’s no organisation as such, just turn up and ride for free.

Everyone picks their own pace and is self sufficient either taking food with them or stopping on their way. There’s no leader, no big pack, just roll along as you like through the night.

When I did it I thought wouldn’t it be great to do something from Chesterfield to the coast. One of my fave spots on the edge of the North Sea is Kilnsea outside of Hull. This made a logical destination. There’s not a lot there apart from a World War One fort that’s crumbling away and a caravan park, but to get to it gives the opportunity to ride over the Humber Bridge.

The plan is when life returns to whatever normal, to set off from the Market Pub in Chesterfield around eight and ride through the night to the coast. The adventure won’t be guided – you’ll choose your own pace and route and have to be self sufficient including getting back at the end.

Once the pandemic’s died down I’ll pick a date when I’m riding it and you’re more than welcome to join me for a pint at the beginning and then make your own way. One request though, make sure you’ve got a set of lights and leave your sounds system at home if you’ve got one – my two big bug bears from the Dynamo !

The on/ off route that’s suitable for gravelly type bikes I’ll roughly be following is below. Feel free to choose your own.


Since writing this post, due to a number of tragic deaths at the Humber Bridge, access to leisure cyclists is limited to 5am to 9pm. Until access changes, unfortunately this will probably be a daylight route only.

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