Secret Sortie 2.0


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After the success of the virtual events we ran last year, we thought we’d put on the Secret Sortie again. This time it’s a different route that starts in Bakewell and includes a cross border raid into Staffordshire.

Pay your entry fee and  we’ll email you a link to a top secret page on Ride with GPS with a route on it. Once you’ve got the route you’re free to follow it whenever is convenient for you.

This route has not appeared on any of our sites and has been designed especially for this event. It starts in Bakewell in the heart of the Peak District and is roughly 100 km long and has around 1700 metres of climb. It follows our normal event format – it’s a big day out taking in a mix of bridleways, white roads and quiet lanes in the White Peak. Don’t expect flat and boring – if you’ve ever ridden one of our events you know we don’t do that.

Not only that, but all entrants will get a very special Secret Sortie patch to sew on to whatever you like. This will be delivered early August once we know how many we need to order.

It goes without saying that if you do enter not only will you make our day, but you will do so at your own risk and we’re not responsible if you get yourself into a bit of a tangle.

Don’t forget to share your adventures using the hashtags #velotastic and #secretsortie !