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Road Holland Hilversum’s – New Colours in Stock

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We’re pleased to announce that we’ve got some new colours for the Road Holland Hilversum summer weight jersey in stock  – Orange, White and Carolina Blue.

Ideal for riding in warmer weather, the Hilversum is a polyester jersey that is designed and made in Florida – a place that has it’s fair share of hot humid weather.

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Like all Road Holland jerseys it was designed by riders for riders and has some neat touches like two zipped  pockets for your keys and cake money as well as three open pockets, the central open pocket that’s been made a little narrower to hold a smart phone and also a earphone cable hole inside the middle pocket.

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Like all Road Holland stuff it’s made using a limited run production which adds to it’s exclusivity, so if you are after a new summer jersey, grab a Hilversum and hit the roads.

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Road Holland Hilversum

Road Holland Hilversum Jersey- Nantucket RedRoad Holland are known for their merino blend jerseys. However the Road Holland also offer lightweight summer jersey – the Hilversum.

First and foremost, Road Holland switched to an all-polyester fabric. Before you cry “Bloody Hell!,” know that this is not your average poly. It’s specifically designed for the warmest days of riding and features a mesh design that makes you feel like you are wearing nothing at all. The fabric is spun to our Road Holland’s specifications in the US with just enough wicking properties to leave a scant bit of moisture ON your skin to keep you cool – think of it as built-in air conditioning for your jersey. To increase the level of temperature control, the Hilversum has a full length zip, so you can regulate the amount of fresh air reaching your body. The fabric is anti-microbial so even if you haven’t given your jersey a rinse in a few days, no one will know you’re approaching them in the paceline.

Road Holland Hilversum Jersey - Black

We’ve been testing a Hilversum jersey for about a month and love the detailing that has gone into this jersey. The new 2014 colours range is on the way, but we were that impressed with the product that we’ve bought in a limited range of the 2013 colours as we thought they were worth sharing with you.

Like all Road Holland gear it has subtle classic styling and sensible sizing and being based in Florida, Road Holland know a thing or two about warm weather riding. So if you are after a lightweight jersey for your summer bike rides – the Hilversum is definitely worth a look.

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