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Road Holland are now in stock !


Since we started Velotastic a few years ago we’ve been constantly looking for new and innovative products that you cannot buy at your local bike shop.One of the items that has been on our wish list is a decent quality wool jersey. We wanted a product that, like all of the items we sell, we would be proud to wear ourselves. As with all our suppliers, we like to work with people that treat their workers well and have a pride in their products, so we always like to know a little about who we are working with.

We came across a business called Road Holland. Based in the USA all of their jerseys are made in Miami from a wool/polyester blend. Road Holland was started by a pair of school friends, Richard and Jonathan, who wanted to make a stylish jersey that looked as smart both on and off the bike.


We believe that they have certainly achieved this in abundance with the detailing on their jerseys such as a beard cover on the top of the zip, a zipped pocket for your keys and a mobile sized middle pocket with a hole for your headphones.

They designed a jersey from scratch to meet this criteria. We tested these jerseys in a very wet northern England in winter and they have become our clothing of choice for keeping us warm. Being from sunny Florida, the merino/polyester blend  they use has a great wicking quality to keep you cool whilst riding.

We are initially stocking two lines – Den Haag and the Utrecht and are planning increasing our range throughout the summer.


The Utrecht cycling jersey has a cut that is half way between a race cut and a relaxed cut and is designed for club and sportive cyclists who are not as lean as a pro-cyclist but don’t want something they can put body armour underneath. The jersey has a slightly longer back than other jerseys we’ve tried. This is not a bad thing as it keeps the bottom of your back well and truly covered.


The Den Haag design is more like your traditional polo style cycling jerseys worn in the 1940’s and ’50s by the likes of Coppi and Bartoli. It has a pair of buttoned pockets on the rear and is really great if you commute to work and don’t like the lycra look.

All of the jerseys have a sizing that is more realistic than some of their European cousins which takes a little of the guesswork out of ordering.

Both these short sleeve Road Holland jersey’s will be £69.95 including free P & P to UK addresses.

Check out the full collection here.