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Five Miles

The pandemic of 2020 has brough many challenges, one of which is the restrictions on travel. However like most things in life you’ve got to deal with the hand you are given and make the most of what you’ve got.

In some ways I thin we’ve not faired too badly on our liberties compared to countries like France where you are only allowed to go within a certain distance of your home.

The thought of which got my grey juices going on where you could ride if you were only allowed to go within a nominal distance from where you live. I decided to choose a distance of five miles from Chesterfield crooked spire and plot a cycling route that was a mix of urban and country riding so I could utilise the areas extensive network of cycling paths.

Being a closet grimpeur I also wanted to include a few climbs in the route just to spice things up a bit. I also wanted to visit a few of the areas lost lanes that are now nothing more than tracks and some of the towns fantastic urban art.

The route’s suitable for MTB’s in wetter weather and gravel / cx bikes when we’ve had a few days dry weather. It goes without says, ride responsibly, don’t be an idiot, be nice to walkers and smile at motorists.