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Welcome to the Syndicate

We must have admit we are mixed about crowdfunding. There are lots 0f ideas out there – some good, some bad and some that never quite pull it off.

However now and again somebody comes up with a concept that is so simple that it’s a blinder. One of those is the Townie Syndicate Lever+ (no connection to any other Syndicates BTW !).

Unless we are going touring we like to ride with the minimum of kit and caboodle and travel light. A pair of levers, an small multitool, a pump and an innertube. Most of the time if we need more than that we can phone home and get rescued. However a lot of the time the multitool is the achilles heal as it has way more tools on it than we need and adds quite a bit of heft.

Here’s the original campaign video:

The Lever+ is a simple but brilliant solution to this. A 3D printed tyre lever with space inside to store a a pair of allen keys with several ends on them all held together with a velcro strap that you can attach your tube and pump too.

Townie Syndicate Lever+

Available in Orange, Green and Blue, get yours here.