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The Mighty Cornithian

There are names that are evocative of a golden age when epic challenges were completed in an old school British stiff upper lip style. An era when we had adventurers that relied on stamina and determination rather than technology.

On 25th June a new sportive gives a nod to these past times – The Mighty Corinthian.

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Based in the Lake District, a stunning part of England that is already home to the cycling’s Fred Whitton Challenge and running’s Bob Graham Round, the Corinthian takes in 301 km of the national parks finest roads.

Conceived by Lake Distric resident and event director of Sportive Lakes Alan Brenton, the route is designed to mimic the experience of the great one day classics of the past, the event covers the entire range of Lake District landscapes – all on classic, pre 1987 bikes.

Alan ‘We were looking for a fourth event to complete our annual calendar. We like our events to be distinctive, special and we were struggling for a concept. Around the same time I read Tim Moore’s ‘Gironimo’ followed by William Fotheringham’s ‘Fallen Angel’ and the seed was sewn. I started to think about how we could create a very different retro event, one which was all about a classic ride and less about the festival. I rode the route in April as a research tour, at the time it was 285km and a bit too challenging. Someone said “if I’m doing 285, I want to do 300!” and the idea was born.

Whilst the route is long there will be no pointless suffering, with the harshest Lakes climbs avoided and the finest landscapes visited.

Alan added ‘We’re developing a reputation for events with high levels of support and great food, where fun and friendship are more important than speed. So, there will be at least five food stops with real, quality food matching the time of day. We’ll have quality vintage hire bikes and great on-course support. We want people to succeed, so we’ll do everything we can to get you around – the rest is up to you!’

After the floods at Christmas 2015, this event is a good way to support the Lake District economy as it recovers from this disaster and get a classic ride in stunning secenery too.

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