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The Jersey Project Book

We spend hours (yes literally hours) looking at bicycle related products on the internet. Every now and again we find one that gets us really excited and this is one of those…

We buy and sell lots of jerseys. One thing that we notice is the way that they have evolved from a woollen top with flock lettering to a highly advanced piece of sportswear.

The Jersey Project catalogues this journey. Based on the Dutch book Koerstrui, the author Bill Humphreys who was the US National road coach and soigneur has translated the original works and added an additional 50 pages on US cycling. It would be impossible to show every team’s jersey but there’s a big selection and a tribute to some of the great cycling teams that no longer exist.

Lavishly illustrated, the Jersey Project is a classic in the making and is the type of book that is not read end to end but dipped into.

200 pages, hard cover. 250 x 175 mm

Unfortunately now out of print and unavailable.