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Whilst I admire the endeavours of riders who complete the the Everesting challenge, I do like to be home for lunch. I’ve been on the coffee and spent too much time alone at work and come up with the Neveresting challenge for the time crunched rider.

The rules are quite simple:

Ride up one hill in the Peak District. Repeat reps until you climb the equivalent of Kinder Scout (636 m).

The climb’s got to be off road as there’s no road up Kinder (or that other big hill in Nepal).

Bonus points for finding a Peak District climb with the least number of reps to stop you getting bored.

Naturally these rules are more guidance than something you should take seriously. I’ve only used the Peak District because it’s local and Kinder Scout is a reasonable height. There’s no reason that this challenge could not be adapted to the height of other notable hills and mountains that float your cycling boat.

Successful attempts will win bragging rights at any of our events, plus if you email me your successful attempt and I’m in a good mood I’ll send you some stickers.

The usual disclaimer applies with this challenge – don’t be a dick and don’t blame me if it all goes wrong. Fist bumps to Hells 500 for coming up with the original Everest challenge idea and yes, I know I’ve adapted it to suit my own more modest ambition.