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Naming Rights

A short tale involving a Saturday club run and a nondescript lump….

If you ride regularly from Sheffield or Chesterfield one popular flattish route is along the ridge between the Vale of Scarsdale and the Derwent valley out towards Crich. From there rides drop off the end of the ridge down into Cromford, Whatstandwell or South Wingfield. This road is relatively fast, low on traffic and is great for getting onto the big ring.

On a Saturday ride a few years ago myself and a few riding buddies dropped off the ridge early to descend into the Derwent Valley. We were taking quite a convoluted route and we stopped at a corner to re-group. One of the riders in the group, Andrew started to ask the names of where we’d been. I’ve lived and ridden these parts for years and am quite an anorak for such information. After rattling off about half a dozen names with glamorous titles such as Gladwin’s Mark, Andrew quipped that I was going to tell him that we’d been to ‘Otters Pocket’.

On the way out we’d ridden over a non-descript lump that gets in the way of staying on the big ring. When I’d uploaded our ride to Strava I decided to name the climb up this small hill as ‘Otters Pocket’. Since then the name has stuck and is used by many local riders who are on Strava.