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Adventures from your doorstep.

If you’ve been riding a while you’ve probably got your fave bit of tarmac or dirt that doesn’t feature in the guidebooks. It’s local Alpe d’Huez or Arenberg trench that always pushes you. It doesn’t have to be long, but it’s that local segment that gives you a buzz every time you’ve ridden it. A lot of the routes on the Velotastic site feature some of the Peak’s classic climbs, but time has come to celebrate the local loop.

Local loops don’t have to be particularly long, one of the advantages of them is they are great if you are time crunched. Riding from your doorstep avoids the necessity of putting your bike on the back of the car or catching a train. Something that ought to be encouraged in theses uncertain times due to climate change and the cost of fuel (it also means you’ve more cash to spend on coffee and cake).

Nothing beats going out early morning before the world has awakened. Even where I live near the Peak District national park which is normally rammed on a sunny Sunday, if you get out and back before 10 you can have the place to yourself with just the wildlife for company.

One of the great advantages of riding a gravel bike is that you can mix your riding surfaces up a bit. Explore that byway, cut out long sections for draggy tarmac and expand your options. Good old fashioned OS Maps are great for planning, but nothing beats riding a route for real even if it does involve a bit of portage now and again.

One of my local loops is below. It’s not an all day ride – just a few hours. It’s got a healthy mix of road, gravel and dirt and a few punchy little climbs to get your heartrate going. Enjoy.

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