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Introducing Handlebar Mustache

One of the trends that seems to be taking off in the UK cycling scene is sock doping.

Like many things to do with bikes, cyclists can spend hours debating the subject of socks – black or white, under or over leg warmers, length.. it can take up most of a cake stop if you are not careful.

There is an UCI rule regarding socks that was introduced in 2012: Socks used in competition must not extend above the middle of the leg. For many riders this would be a no-no anyway as the use of compression socks whilst riding has never really caught on (unless you are a fan of swimming before you ride and running afterwards).

simpson poulidor poggio 64
Raymond Poulidor and Tom Simpson wearing white.

Socks are however a great way to show a little individuality whilst you are out riding your bike. Gone are the days of the choice being black or white socks – it used to be said that black socks were for training and white for racing, now there are a whole palette of colours and designs to choose from.

Y’all act like you’ve never seen a pair of white socks before.

We have just started stocking a range of socks from Colorado based company Handlebar Mustache. The brand fits in well with Velotastic’s ethos of stocking apparel that you don’t normally see in your local bike shop.

Handlebar Mustache Ride Angry T-Shirt
Ride Angry

Handlebar Mustache socks are made in the USA and come in a variety of designs. The brand also screen print there own t-shirts that are great to wear when you are off the bike.

In these days when many in cycling have adopted the unofficial ‘rules’ socks and its associated sartorial minefield, socks are a great way to put your own mark on what you wear and stand out from the crowd.