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Gift vouchers now available

Vlaanderen Jersey

We hate to mention the C word, but it will soon be time to be thinking about buying presents for Christmas.

Even worse it will be time to be asked what you want as a present. We find this is quite acceptable when you are a kid as you have a list as long as your arm of ideas of what you would like, but when you start earning money you just save up, go out and buy things.


We may have the answer to some of your problems in the form of Velotastic gift vouchers.

We’ve sent our voucher system up so you can give (or ask for) as little or as much as you want rather than fixed denominations. The vouchers do not have to be spent in one go as they act as a store credit on the recipients account.



When you place your order the voucher code can be e-mailed directly to the recipient, so it’s ideal for those occasions when you are short on time.

Hopefully this will make Christmas a little easier for you, so you can concentrate on the important things – like riding your bike !

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