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GDP uh !

Like most folks we’ve been bombarded over the last few weeks with emails asking if we wanted to stay on mailing lists we never knew we’d been signed up to.

The closer it got to May 25th the more and more desperate the messages got in a nearly pre-apocolyptic frenzy. All of this was due to the dreaded GDPR.

The sharper eyed of the regular visitors to the Velotastic site will have noticed a couple of changes this month. Gone is the mailing list subscription box and added to the list of pages is a privacy policy.

The privacy policy just echoes what we’ve done from day one. The only way we’ll use your information is to ship your order off or to reply to your messages. If you want your details deleting from our site, just give us a shout and we’ll do that with pleasure.

A few years ago we were approached by a short lived show to exhibit with them. They said they would do us a better price if I threw in my customer details. Not surprisingly we didn’t go to that show as it was non of their business.

Regarding the mailing list. Most of our sales come from organic searches, ie people finding us on Google or similar. If we do get any new products or have something to say we either put it on our blog (here) or on our Facebook or Twitter feed. To an extent our mailing list felt like we were regurgitating this information and it was old news. GDPR was the final push to cause us to rest that idea.

We hope you understand why we’ve done these things and where we’re coming from.

ride safe