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Opening a store is hard work ! We have been selling stuff via eBay for a while now, but thought we would expand into our own website. With eBay it’s fairly simple – buy stuff (new or second hand), sell it (hopefully at a profit).

Opening an online store is a whole different ball game. You have to source reliable suppliers (we have a few of them in France). Our main problem with buying and selling older ‘obsolete’ parts is finding a consistant supply as there are normally only a finite number of items. When the parts do arrive, we have to check the quality of the items – several items we have bought as new old stock, are not.

We have also had to design the site to try and get the right feel to it. I hope you like it !

On a more fun note I dropped off a Peugeot PV10 frame to be restored today. The PV10 is the slightly less glamourous brother of the legendary PX10 frame that was ridden by Tom Simpson, Eddie Mercx and Bernard Thevenet. The main difference is instead of being completely 531 tubing the rear stays are not. It was introduced in the 1979 model year and is branded ‘Super Competition’. The frame is in not bad condition to start with, but I’m intending on using it as my uber best bike.

Peugeot PV10 - Before the respray