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Bikepacking Bags.

Bikepacking is a great way to get out and explore. Whether it’s travelling light ‘gravel packing’ – staying overnight in hostels, hotels and B & B’s or carrying all your kit we’ve a range of suitable luggage.


Barbags come in various shapes and sizes. Harnesses ideal for carrying dry bags and items such as tents, sleeping bags and mats. Barrel bags are great for smaller items such as stoves, snacks and waterproofs. Higher volume bags are a fantastic way to carry bulkier items without the need for a dry bag and their additional pockets are great for smaller items that you use on a regular basis.


Fork bags are good for things such as extra water bottles and stoves.


We tend to carry items like tools in our frame bags. They are also great for food and longer items such as tent poles.


Saddle bags are great for bulky items such as sleeping bags, clothes and down jackets. Try and put the more weighty items towards the seatpost end. Both the bags we sell are very stable and sway very little.

Other Bags

Stem bags are good for snacks to keep you fuelled whislt you ride. Bar bags such as the Chuckbucket and Auto Pilot are great for water bottles as they reduce the risk of you getting crud on them from the road.