Bidons !!!!


As avid riders of retro styled bikes, we appreciate that modern 750 ml water bottles just don’t look right on a classic steel frame.

Bulky translucent bottles with lurid electrolyte drinks just don’t cut it with us. Plus bigger bottles mean you are carrying more weight and unless you are going somewhere really remote there is always a cafe or shop to replenish your supplies at.

We decided to put things to rights and source some 500 ml bottles. Made from white plastic and with a minimalist design these bottles are designed to quench your thirst whilst not looking out of place on your bike.

Available individually or as pairs.

Chapeau Yorkshire


We’ve got a soft spot for Yorkshire. This northern county which is about the same size as Flanders and has similar weather (and a few cobbles) is great cycling country with tough moorland climbs and stunning scenery.

Yorkshire will be under the spotlight next summer as it hosts the first two stages of cycling’s biggest road race.

Our Yorkshire cap has been manufactured exclusively for Velotastic by our Italian suppliers. Made to the exacting standards of our retro caps they are great fro keeping the sun and rain out of your eyes and fit under your helmet.

Get yours here.