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Velotastic’s Summer Survey

Every now and again we need to make sure we’re going in the right direction.

If you get chance, could you fill in the survey below to help us improve what we do. As a thank you there’s a discount code at the end of the survey as a thank you for your time.

Here we go !
Nice bike ! What is it ?

What types of bike do you ride ?

Do you commute by bike ?

Do you ever go bike packing or cycle touring ?

Our Routes

Have you tried of any of our free routes on our websites

If we started a club, where for a small annual subscription you got access to more routes, members only merchandise and a discount for our store and virtual events would you join ?*

Guiding etc

Did you know that we offer gravel bike guiding ?

If we ran online courses related to cycling would you be interested ?

Just a little bit more

Do you follow us on any of the following ? (Please tick all that are applicable)

How would you rate the quality of our websites from 1 (shocking) to 10 (lovely) ?

Have you ever bought anything from Velotastic ?

Thank You !

Thank you for completing our survey. As a reward for your time, if you use the discount code THANKS10 at our checkout it will give you a 10% discount off all our items for sale on our website. (Minimum spend £25, valid until 31/08/2022).

If you have any more comments or suggestions, please let us know below.