Velotastic’s Events

It’s not just about the cake ! 

We love organising cycling events and sharing some of our favourite routes.

All our events have an emphasis on self reliance. There’s no following the arrows, feed stations, timing chips and finishers medals. We like to use the reliability trial format that’s been around since cycling events early last century. The aim is to get round a challenging course within the time limit and offer a big day out on our local trails.

One of our aims from the beginning was to try and to get riders to spend money in the local economy. We feel there are too many events where folks smash it round a course whilst consuming a few gels and half bananas at a feed station but do not contribute financially to where they ride through. Riders on our previous events have said they prefer our approach as they do not feel a compulsion eat when they are told and can make their own choices of where and when they do.

15th September  2019 The Peaky Grinder

For the Peaky Grinder we’re hitting the road and tackling some of the Peak’s most iconic climbs. There are two route options. The full fat version takes in Mam Nick, Peaslows, Monsal and Rowsley Bar. The semi skimmed version takes in Mam Nick and Monsal. As well as these more famous climbs we’ve also included a few other local favourites that are popular with local club cyclists. Enter here.

13th October 2019 The Fifty50

This us a gravel based reliability ride with a twist. Half the riders in this event will have a clockwise route, half anticlockwise. You’ll only know which half you’ll get when you sign on on the day. We’ve also gone old school and you’ll have to be able to read a map, just to push the fun a little bit further. Entries open August 1st.

25 – 26 April 2020 The Gravel Gran Fondue

We thought we’d have a go at running a gravel biking weekend. This two day event starts in Bakewell. Day one is around 100 km and finishes in Hartington. Day two is a little bit shorter at around 60km and returns from Hartington to Bakewell. It’s up to you whether you do one day or two and where you stop overnight. Entries open on October 1st.