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The Peak Divide

The Peak District is our back yard and where we do a lot of our riding. It’s one of the UK’s original national parks and has a very diverse landscape.

Like many riders of a certain age, for us time and money is at a premium. Whilst we’d love to have the funds and freedom to do epic tours, for the majority of the time we’re limited to a weekend away at the most. One of the great mountain bike rides in the USA , the Greatl Divide Route is the daddy of long distance MTB routes. It also passes through the neigbourhood of our fave bag supplier Oveja Negra. This got us thinking. How about a MTB route that goes from the northern most point to the southern most point in the Peak that could be done over a weekend ?

The northern most point of the Peak is on a bridleway just south of Marsden in West Yorkshire. The southern most point is a hedge bottom just of the A52. This didn’t sound to glamorous so we decided the end of Manifold Valley trail nearby was a better finish.

Above’s our idea for a suggested route. From a lot of experience riding in the Peak, we reckon the following.

  1. It’ll be a big day out in the saddle. Probably best done over a couple of days with an overnight stop around Eyam.
  2. You’ll probably need an MTB due to the section over Cut Gate and Hope Cross.
  3. The hardest bit is in the first half.
  4. It’s probably one for longer days and dry weather.

If you did not have an MTB alternatively you could head down the Trans Pennine Trail through Wharncliffe then head towards Bradfield and on to Castleton if you fancied a longer and easier route for a gravel bike.