Velotastic 24-Seven London Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey


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We grew up watching the Tour. It really became more real for us when we started racing back in the late eighties.

One of the coolest teams around then was a bunch of American’s who raced for the 7-Eleven team. This jersey is a homage to them and also celebrates our capital city. We chose 24-seven and London because it’s a city that never sleeps.

None of us will probably experience riding up the Gavia in the snow like Andy Hampsten did in ’88, but this jersey at least tips a nod to those golden years.

Please note that the 24-Seven cycling jersey is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with 7-Eleven

  • A five panel design for a better fit.
  • Made in the EU from and Italian Interlock fabric that combines breathability and elasticity.
  • Comes with a high quality YKK  full length zip to help you regulate your temperature
  • There are three pockets on the back of the jersey and it features an elasticated hemline.
  • Mens and Womens sizes available.

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Please note that these are Italian sizings, so go for a size bigger than your normal clothes !



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