Volar Active Sweet Polka Socks


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Raf from Volar explains the background behind Sweet Polka socks:

A sock inspired by my favorite weekly ride and the Sweet Salt kit designed by my buddy, Jeff Fox. I know we are all counting down the days until our weekly coffee group ride. This is where we add comradeship and a pinch of competition to the solo miles we log through the week, making it that one perfect sweet ride.’


6” cuffs
Made in the USA
Designed in Los Angeles


Size   Women  (US)    Men (US)           EU
S           6-8                     4.5-6.5             36-39
M          8.5                     8.5-10.5         40-42.5
L          11-13                    9.5-11.5         43-45.5
XL                                         12+               46+

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