A Bridge too Gnar




After the success of our Secret Sortie we thought we’d put on a second virtual event for this Autumn.

This time we’d thought we’d do something a little different – we’d run a photo competition.

You might be aware that we’ve had to postpone our Fifty50 event. A big element to that is the ability to use an old fashioned paper map. We wanted to include this somehow in our next event which got us scratching our heads on what we could do and this is what we came up with.

Enter the Bridge too Gnar before 8 pm on September 30th. Shortly after we’ll email all entrants a set of half a dozen map co-ordinates of bridges that are off the beaten track in and around the Peak District. The competitive element is to visit them all before October 31st and put a photo of each one on Instagram using the hashtag #abridgetoognar. It can be in six separate trips or one massive loop of your own design the choice is yours.

The best picture in our opinion with get a goodie bag full of stuff. Entry is free. A follow on Instagram and glowing praise for this event may bias our choice of winners. (We’re shallow, cheap and easily swayed). The winner will be announced early November.