RoadRunner Tool Roll


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We’re not a big fan of saddle bags. We just can’t imagine the giants of the peloton having one on the back of their bikes. Plus given the opportunity we all carry more stuff than we actually need.

We hunted down these tool rolls as we thought they were the ideal balance between carrying things in our back pocket and putting things on our bike. They have the capacity for an inner tube, a multitool and a couple of tyre levers.

Accommodates road tube (650c/b – 700c x 18mm – 28mm) and MTB tube (26″ – 29″ x 2.5″)


1. Squeeze the air out of that tube and roll it tight! Make sure you do not damage the tube with the valve stem as they tend to be sharp!
2. Simply load your tube and tools and place it in the center pocket & secure the flap down with the snap.
3. Tighten the buckle strap around the roll. Tighten the strap as much as possible (be sure to use the adjuster tri-glide to secure the excess webbing). Buckle the Tool Roll closed off the bike.
4. Disengage the buckle and string it through the saddle rails. Feed the male buckle through the left saddle rail and the female buckle through the right saddle rail. Wrap the straps around the Tool Roll and buckle together. You will find that the webbing may be tight and the buckle may be difficult to install but not to worry, that is all part of the process.
5. Shred!!
If installed correctly there would be no sway or sag of the roll. It should be tight up against the saddle rails and the contents should be secured.

Made in Los Angeles, the roll attaches to your saddle using a quick release buckle so it’s easy to put on and take off your bike.

There are several different colours available: burgundy, olive green, orange, black and blue – all made from Cordura.