Road Holland Hilversum Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey




And now for something slightly different.

For the Hilversum 2.0, Road Holland went back to the drawing and cutting board. Some of the changes are easy to see – a new color scheme – while others not so much.

First and foremost, Road Holland switched to an all-polyester fabric. Before you cry “Bloody Hell!,” know that this is not your average poly. It’s specifically designed for the warmest days of riding and features a mesh design that makes you feel like you are wearing nothing at all. The fabric is spun to our Road Holland’s specifications in the US with just enough wicking properties to leave a scant bit of moisture ON your skin to keep you cool – think of it as built-in air conditioning for your jersey. To increase the level of temperature control, the Hilversum has a full length zip, so you can regulate the amount of fresh air reaching your body. The fabric is anti-microbial so even if you haven’t given your jersey a rinse in a few days, no one will know you’re approaching them in the paceline.

The Hilversum features a more streamlined cut that is in line with all of our other short sleeve jerseys. Bottom line – whatever you wear in a Utrecht or Den Haag, order the same size in this jersey. Road Holland have also raised the pockets off the hem to avoid gear from sagging.

Speaking of pockets, you’ll notice another zippered compartment on the back left. It’s designed for those essential items you should carry – such as your keys – but should not really need to touch while out for the day (unlike money and credit cards which often get used). With a 3.75″ inch opening, the middle pocket is fully capable of holding most of today’s ginormous mobile phones (maybe not the Galaxy Note…) with all of their crazy covers.

The Hilversum is still crafted by hand entirely in Miami, Florida. Now, with US made fabric, this jersey is 100% Americanized.