Outer Shell Adventure Handlebar Harness


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Simple: reimagined. Strapping a bag to your handlebars is how we all got started. It’s bike packing in its purist and simplest form. We didn’t want to lose that essence, just make it better. What you’re buying with this product is:

  • Some space for your hand positions and brake levers (foam spacers)

  • A few velcro straps

  • Two 32” XL rubber voile straps

  • A plastic shield to protect your bag from holes

  • Stuff sack  / dry bag not included

Its all organized in a neat and ultra-functional package. It’s also thoroughly tested for a bomber, bounce-free attachment on any terrain. This harness can be used as a stand alone unit or with the Drawcord Handlebar Bag up front. Fits most cylindrical objects, four to nine inches in diameter.


Outer Shell Adventure