Handlebar Mustache Reflections Shoe Cover – Pink




6 inches neon pink cover with light and dark blue half circles.
Please note that these oversocks need to be cut to be able to use with cleats.
Composition: 56% Cordura, 32% Lycra, 7% Elastic, 5% Nylon
S/M 7-9 6-8.5 36-42
L/XL 10-13 9+ 43-46

Cutting Instructions

  • Please cut with care as you do it at your own risk and once the cover is cut you will not be able to return them once they are modified.
  • Pull the covers all the way on and then mark with a craft knife or similar the dead centre of the cleat and rubber heal walking grippers then remove.
  • Make Very small cuts with scissors at the marks you have just made. Less is more –  If you go too big with the rear hole your will see the show heal area !
  • Carefully put the cover back on the shoe and check the holes. The holes can be stretched a bit over the cleat.
  • Once you are happy that the cuts are the right size remove the covers and scorch the edges of the cuts with a lighter – like you would a nylon belt or end of a climbing rope.

Additional information