Handlebar Mustache North of the Wall Winter Cycling Socks (Red)


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 6 inches with Red sock with Orange to Yellow gradient. Sock Doping works!

We believe in riding through some pretty nasty weather (BelgianTFU, anyone?), so we needed a sock to help us on these cold, damp journeys. This sock begins with THERMOLITE®, a special hollow core performance fiber that provides warmth without adding extra weight. 

  • 30% lighter in weight compared to a similar knit sock constructed of Merino Wool.
  • faster drying rate.
  • quickly wicks moisture away from skin
  • Mid-density thickness, this sock is thicker than our normal offerings
  • Soft hollow fibers & full-cushion sole yields extra warmth without adding weight

COMPOSITION: 66% THERMOLITE® polyester, 32% Nylon, 2% Lycra®

S 6-8 36-39.5
M 7-9 8.5-10.5 40-42.5
L 9.5-11.5 11-13 43-45.5
XL 12 46+

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