Peak District Riders Challenge FAQ



Thank you for showing an interest in the Peak District Riders Challenge. Here’s some answers to some frequently asked questions.

Is this a sportive and are you planning one.

In a word no. We are not in the events business and do not intend getting into that.

Why no route.

Several reasons. One of the ideas behind the Peak District Riders Challenge is to get cyclists thinking for themselves again, like we had to do back in the day before the internet. Half the fun in doing a long ride is in the preparation and route planning. The other reason is to make the challenge as flexible as possible. With no ‘official’ route you can start and finish where you want and do the climbs in any order.

How much does it cost.

Nothing, nichts, nada, nowt. We love thinking up things like this, and the roads are free to use.

How long will it take.

The aim is to do the ride in a day. Bear in mind that the whole route will probably be a minimum 200 km plus 3600 m of climb depending on where you start and finish which equates to a good day in the saddle. If that sounds a lot why not break it down into several days and have a night out in the Peak District. The main aim is to enjoy the route and discover the Peak District.

Could you guide me round the route.

Guiding’s not really our thing. Plus the idea is to get you thinking and discovering the Peak District for yourself.

What gears do I need on my bike.

When we were young we used to ride in the Peak on a 52-42 chainset and 12-21 cassette and used to be able to get up most things. Now we’re old and sensible we use a standard chainset and a 12-27 cassette. We are used to the hills though. If you are from flatter parts a compact chainset should do with a minimum of a 12-25 cassette.

Can we use your challenge for a charity ride.

Of course, but bear in mind you attempt the challenge at your own risk. A mention of Velotastic would be appreciated though.

Are there places to buy food on the route.

Yes, this is Derbyshire not the Sahara. We do have shops, cafe’s and pubs.