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Mobile Workshop

Running a micro-business is a bit like riding a bike a lot of the time. Once you’ve started you need to maintain momentum to keep going. I always like to add products and services to keep moving forward. Our latest addition is a mobile bike workshop.

For peace of mind we have been on a Cytech level 2 technicians course to back up our years of bike fettling experience.

The plan is to cover the Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire area.

My aim is to offer you the convenience of getting your bike professionally repaired and serviced without the hassle of taking a day off work or tying up your free time.

To offer the maximum flexibility we can either repair your bike at your house or workplace or collect and deliver your bike back to you for a small fee. For larger jobs we’ll collect your bike from you and repair it in our workshop and return in when we’ve finished.

If you and your workmates all have bikes I can spend a morning at your workplace checking and servicing them at a special corporate rate. Please contact me for more details.