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We had a delivery of NOS MAFAC toolkits in today. Which we’ve added to our store.

MAFAC is one of those names (like Simplex, Huret and Maillard to name a few) that dispeared during the early eighties. The company developed one of (if not the) first cantilever brakes in 1946, the basic design which was used on mountain and cyclo cross bikes.

Probably their most famous product was the MAFAC Racer centre pull brakes.

Introduced in 1952 and originally stamped Dural Forge, Racers were popular with many riders including Jaques Anquetil. In 1974 Racers were updated to the short drop ‘Competition’ and long drop ‘2000’ models. Around this time MAFAC’s brake levers became shorter and were drilled.

For more information on MAFAC check out Classic Lightweight and Sheldon Brown.